Each year the IMMG conducts field trips to geologic and mining points of interest. Led by university professors, local geologists, and knowledgeable enthusiasts, these wildly popular field trips are a unique opportunity to learn more about the history of our State and adjoining regions. And, they are great family fun!

Cost is $10 for IMMG members, $15 for non-members. Don’t forget members get one free field trip! Most field trips take up the good part of the day so always come prepared with plenty of food and water, and dress for all weather possibilities.

Below is our 2019 Field Trip schedule. If you have any questions, contact our Field Trip Coordinator Steve Cox at 853-1678 or cell  208-724-4679

2019 Field Trips

April 12 & 13th

Giants of Idaho Geology

A special two day trip with our own Dr. Terry Maley and Dr. Paul Link of Idaho State University. Friday April 12 will be a half day tour of sites around Boise; registration will be at the Museum at 11:30 AM with a departure soon after noon. Saturday April 13 we will register at the Museum early at 7:00 AM with a departure at 7:30 AM to travel to Bruneau Dunes State Park where we will join Terry and Paul (and special leader Shawn Willsey from CSI) for a day exploring sites toward Twin Falls. Both days with one registration fee. Pre-registration will be required because of traffic limitations. Call Steve Cox at 208-853-1678 and specify if you will be going on one day or both. On Saturday bring lunch and water and dress for the weather both days. Extensive hiking is not anticipated but good field footwear is always advisable.

NOTE: This trip is now filled. Sorry.

May 11th

Squaw Butte and the Mystery Boulder Field

Ander Sundell of the College of Idaho will revisit his very well received trip from last year to visit sedimentary features from Lake Idaho, the flood basalts of Squaw Butte and the never-explained boulder field on the approach to the Butte. Register at Winco on west State Street/Highway 55 at 7:30 AM with a departure at 8:00 AM. Dress for the weather, bring lunch and water, no pre-registration required. Vehicle note: the road up the Butte is OK for most ordinary vehicles unless it is wet; we may need to do a local carpool if necessary. No extended walking.


Here is a link to Ander’s handout:


June 15th

South Fork Boise River and Smith Prairie

IMMG Board member and retired geology professor Dr. Terry Panhorst will lead this wonderful tour of many of the most impressive features of local geology. This will include Danskin Mountain rhyolite, the Idaho batholith, the unusual geology of the Anderson Dam site, the picturesque South Fork of the Boise River, the largest metamorphic formation in our area and the “inverted stratigraphy” of lava flows down the South Fork. When we did this in 2015, Steve Cox led without the benefit of a professional geologist, so if you went then, you will want to go again with Terry’s expertise! We will also highlight some historical information about how Anderson Dam was constructed and life at the “Reclamation Village” where the dam workers lived.

We will register at the Museum at 7:30 AM with a departure at 8:00 AM. No vehicle restrictions and no long hiking will be required. No pre-registration needed. Dress for the weather, bring lunch and water. Expected return to Boise by 6:00 PM.

Link to articles related to this trip:

In the “S. Fork Tour and Anderson Dam” article, focus on the road log for Day 2, from Mile 113.6, including the Side Trip and Cow Creek Road to Mile 128.8.

Most of the Spencer Wood article is pertinent, although we won’t stop at the MP 103.3 and 107.7 locations.

The “Canyon Filling Basalts” article is generally pertinent.

July 20th

Coal Mine Basin joint trip with Owyhee Gem and Mineral Club or gold Panning. Details TBA

August 17th

Defining Lake Idaho with interns Brian Holmes and James Duncan and preceptor Dr. Terry Panhorst. Details TBA.

September 14th

Volcanics of the Western Snake River Plain with Dr. Brittany Brand, BSU. Details TBA

October ?

Tentative trip with Dr. Peter Isaacson, TBA

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