Steve Cox, President

SSC on Outcrop_2

Steve got started with IMMG on field trips, became a gift shop volunteer, and joined the Board in 2012. He also serves as field trip coordinator. More a biologist than a geologist, he still likes to understand Idaho geology on a landscape scale. Now retired, he worked in Boise for engineering companies MWH Americas and HDR doing wildlife analysis for environmental impact studies. Prior to that, he was a physician for 30 years, specializing in geriatrics.

Jim Carpenter, Vice President

Jim Carpenter

Jim’s love of digging in the dirt and collecting rocks was set at an early age.  Jim grew up in an Idaho family filled with miners and rock stars.  Childhood summers were spent  around the mines in the Wood River Valley.  He joined the U.S. Army as a teenager just so he could learn to drive huge earth moving equipment .  He didn’t tell Uncle Sam that he really just wanted to play in the dirt on a larger scale.

Jim joined the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology  more than six years ago where he has served in the volunteer role of Chief Tumbler (polishing Idaho rocks for students and other rock enthusiasts) and occasional display builder.  Jim’s advice for anyone interested in geology:  “Idaho is awesome!  Just dig in!”
Jim has recently (January 2017) donated a heating/cooling system that has been installed in the newly renamed “Jim Carpenter Learning Center.” And, he has been designated a Life Member in the Museum in recognition of all of his contributions to IMMG.

 Carol McDonald, Treasurer


Carol joined the IMMG as Board Treasurer in 2009 and has immersed herself in updating the accounting process as well as promoting the IMMG.  She serves on the Exhibits Committee and  oversaw the recent Gift Shop Update.  Carol retired from the Idaho State Bar, having spent the last 23 years as the Admissions Director and now enjoys her volunteer time learning more about mining and geology.  She enjoys traveling, sports and time spent with her family.

Annemarie Hasnain, Secretary


Annemarie has served as Secretary of the Board since 2012. She grew up at the southern end of the Grand Coulee in Washington State and has been fascinated by geology ever since.   She still likes to learn and has taken a number of anthropology and geology classes at Boise State University.

Clint Cuzzo, Member at Large


Clint has been a member and volunteer of IMMG since 2012. Since joining the Board in 2014, he keeps busy as IMMG’s Operations Coordinator. Now retired after a 35-year career in software, and he holds 7 US patents. He enjoys spending time learning about regional geology—and how IMMG can share that knowledge with its visitors.

 Coyote Short, Member at Large


Coyote has been into rocks from her earliest memory, leading to a career that culminated with her Geology degree from BSU and certification as a Licensed Geologist in Idaho. She has been a volunteer at IMMG for 20+ years and a Board member for the last decade. She is a stalwart, manning the reception desk three afternoons every week and serving as a rock and mineral identification resource for all who visit the Museum. She has also taught mineral identification at youth and adult workshops and has written books about Eagle Rock and obsidian.

Eliza Schulz, Member at Large


Eliza became a member and volunteer in spring 2015. She loves spending time volunteering in her community and participating in educational development. Eliza graduated with her B.S. in Geoscience with an emphasis in Geology from Boise State University. She loves the opportunity to lead the outdoor portion of the museum’s school tours while learning more about the dynamic field of geology!

Eliza has been the Education and Outreach Coordinator since 2016 and has greatly expanded the school tours program, initiated an in-class program, arranged multiple workshops and lectures and has involved IMMG in several community events.

Judy Williams, Member at Large

Judy Williams

Judy has been a Board Member since 2014 and serves as the manager of the Gift Shop.

Doug Taylor, Member at Large


Doug has extensive career experience in geology and mining. He has been  Membership Coordinator as well as assisting in displays and facility upkeep.

 Terry Panhorst, Member at Large

Terry Panhorst





Terry is a retired professor of geology from the University of Mississippi and has become active at IMMG in taking Gift Shop shifts, helping Eliza with the geology of the hillside hikes, giving lectures and helping Steve with field trip planning and leading.

Marcus Santistevan, Member at Large






Marcus is a Business Development Officer at Idaho Central Credit Union and was elected to the Board in 2019. He will bring his community relationships and financial expertise to the Board. He has been actively volunteering as a gift shop attendant.