Each year the IMMG conducts field trips to geologic and mining points of interest. Led by university professors, local geologists, and knowledgeable enthusiasts, these wildly popular field trips are a unique opportunity to learn more about the history of our State and adjoining regions. And, they are great family fun!

Cost is $10 for IMMG members, $15 for non-members. Don’t forget members get one free field trip! Most field trips take up the good part of the day so always come prepared with plenty of food and water, and dress for all weather possibilities.

Below is our 2018 Field Trip schedule. If you have any questions, contact our Field Trip Coordinator Steve Cox at 853-1678 or cell  208-724-4679

2018 Field Trips

April 21: Squaw Butte with Professor Ander Sundell of CWI

We will explore Lake Idaho sediments and Columbia Plateau basalt flows as we drive to the summit of the Butte; Ander contributed to the recently (2017) published geological map of the Butte. We will register at the Home Depot/Winco parking lot on State Street and Old Horseshoe Bend Road at 7:30 AM with departure at 8:00 AM. We will go out State Street to Highway 16, then up Hwy 16 through Emmett to the Squaw Butte road.  Most vehicles will be able to drive up the butte, but we’ll evaluate and carpool as necessary where it gets steep. Non-strenuous walking up to ¼ mile possible. Dress for the weather, bring lunch and plenty of water. Return to Boise by 5:00 PM No pre-registration required.

 May 5: John Day via Unity with Mark Ferns, PG

Perennial favorite leader Mark, retired Oregon State Geologist, will guide us from Vale up through Unity on our way to John Day, with a variety of features including basalts, ash flows, and peridotite. There are options on this trip: 1) return to Boise late Saturday; 2) spend the night in John Day and return to Boise on Sunday; 3) stay in John Day both Saturday and Sunday and visit the famous John Day Fossil Beds National Monument on Sunday, returning to Boise on Monday. If you opt to stay in John Day, make lodging reservations early. There are three options – Best Western, America’s Best Value, and Dreamer’s Lodge. Ample restaurants and groceries are available.

We will register at the Winco parking lot on Meridian Road just north of I-84 at 7:30 AM with departure at 8:00 AM. We will reconvene at the big rest area just over the Oregon line (this could be an alternate registration point for west valley residents) before proceeding west on the Interstate to Exit 374 onto Highway 201 to Highway 26 to Vale. We will meet Mark at the Sinclair Station at the west end of Vale.

Dress for the weather, bring lunch and water. Strenuous walking is not anticipated. Return to Boise depending on chosen option above. No pre-registration required.

 June 15: Gold Panning with the Idaho Gold Prospectors Association

We will return to Grimes Creek, one of the most famous sites of the 1862 Idaho gold rush, to pan with the IGPA on their claim. This is a kid-friendly trip and they have a “teaching pan” to show the youngsters the technique. There is a lot of history in this area and the prospectors love to share it.

We will register at the Museum at 7:30 AM with departure at 8:00 AM. We will go out Warm Springs Avenue to meet Highway 20 and then proceed to Idaho City for a rendezvous at the visitor center and then drive up to the claims. No vehicle restrictions. No strenuous walking. Dress for the weather, bring lunch and water. You can leave when your poke is full. No pre-registration required.

July 13: Jordan Craters with Nick Pollock, PhD candidate at BSU

(Almost Dr.) Nick will lead us to the Jordan Craters; a first time experience for IMMG field trips. Jordan Craters is a very recent volcanic event, often cited as 3,200 years old, consisting of spatter cones, lava flows and lakes, and lapilli. We will register at Winco on Meridian Road just north of I-84 at 7:30 AM, departing at 8:00 AM. We will go west on I-84 to Exit 33A (Karcher Road/Hwy 55) which we will follow to Marsing and the big Gem Stop station at the junction with Highway 95. This will be a rest and supply stop and an alternate registration point for west valley residents. Then we will proceed south on Highway 95 to Jordan Craters Road. There are no vehicle restrictions on the gravel road to the Craters. You can return late to Boise or stay over in Jordan Valley with two options – the Basque Station Motel or the Flatiron B&B (early reservations are advised). It will be HOT, so dress for the weather, bring lunch and plenty of water. You can walk as much as you like, but be aware that the lava beds are irregular and walking sticks are advised. No pre-registration required

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