School Tours


The IMMG offers tours for classroom field  trips, home-school groups, and other interested youth  organizations.







On the Museum Tour the youth group will learn about:

  • Rock and mineral identification
  • Geology fundamentals
  • Idaho’s geologic history
  • Idaho’s mining history
  • Idaho fossils
  • Uses of rocks & minerals
  • Idaho gem origins

youth tours 2

On the Hillside Geo-Hike the youth group will learn about:

  • Ancient Lake Idaho
  • Warm Springs geothermal system
  • Table Rock sandstone and associated features
  • The story behind Boise’s benches
  • Local volcanics
  • The Idaho Batholith
  • Local evidence of geologic processes

School Tour Details:

  • Tours are about 1.5 hours long and include both a hillside geology hike and a museum experience.
  • Tours are available for grades K-12 and will be appropriate for the age group.
  • Tours are available for students in public, charter, private, religious and home schools, and day cares.
  • Minimum age is 5 years old.
  • Maximum group size is 50 students.
    • If the group is larger than 25 students, it will be broken into 2 groups and one group will be on the hill while the other is in the museum.
    • Groups smaller than 10 students will be accommodated at the discretion of the Tour Coordinator.
  • Cost is $2 per child, with a minimum group charge of $20.
  • Tours are scheduled Monday-Friday, April through October. No tours in July.
  • Tours are conducted between 9 am and 2:00 pm. No tours after 2 pm.
  • Three weeks advance notice is required to setup a school tour for your group.
  • The museum appreciates and welcomes parent help. In fact, we may need your help with supervision and activities. It is best that parents not bring younger siblings on the tour.
  • Teachers, bus drivers, and parent-helpers are free. All others are $2 each.

Call Eliza at 208-571-5720 or email: