We have several fantastic lectures scheduled for the summer!

Lectures are FREE for museum members — $5.00 for non-members.

Lectures are approximately one-hour in length and are typically followed by a lively Q&A session.

April 23 — Buzzsaw Sharks of Idaho — 1pm

Presentation by Dr. Leif Tapanila (ISU & Idaho Museum of Natural History)

May 12 — Exploring Idaho’s Geologic Attractions — OPEN HOUSE 7PM

Presentation by Terry S. Maley, P.G.

Geologist Terry Maley has maintained an enduring interest in scientifically significant geologic sites in Idaho, having made numerous field investigations and written extensively on the subject for more than 30 years. Scientifically significant sites consist of geological features that represent one of the best examples of their kind or are so uncommon that they have great value for science education, scientific research and recreation. Idaho has hundreds of these geological attractions, some of which are nationally and globally significant. Terry’s presentation will focus on those sites that are particularly important because of their value for Earth science education.

June 11 — Put it Back How You Found It: Mine Site Remediation and Restoration — 1pm

Presentation by Historian Troy Lambert

Historically, once a mine played out, often the miners or mining company simply moved on, leaving behind an empty and open hole, contaminated material, and even equipment if removing it was too expensive or inconvenient.

July 16 — History of the Idaho Snow Survey and the 2017 Idaho Snow Pack — 1pm

Presentation by Ron Abramovich (NRCS: Idaho Snow Survey)

September 24 — Boise Architectural Geology – Regional and Exotic Rocks in our Buildings — 1pm

Presentation by Dale Kerner (SME & Haley Aldrich)

October 22 — Women in Mining — 1pm

Presentation by IMMG Board Members