All workshops take place at the museum.

 June 24 – Rocks to Products

For youth in fourth grade and up. 10am-12 noon. $10 per child.

Explores the journey from raw material to rock-based end products. Includes study of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Ore samples and hands-on activities including volcano making, fossil digging, talc polishing, and gold panning. Also includes demonstrations and free samples!

Sponsored by Midas Gold.

Pre-registration is required by June 21st – call Eliza at 208-571-5720.

July 22 – What was that shaking?” How seismologists differentiate between earthquakes, volcanoes, and bomb blasts.

For youth in fourth grade and up. 10am-12 noon. $10 per child.

Instructor: Dr. Mike Morrison

Pre-registration is required by July 19th – call Eliza at 208-571-5720.

August 12 – Seismic Idaho! CANCELLED

For youth in first grade and up. 10am-12 noon. $10 per child.

We will explore the earthquake activity of our state and planet. We will also discuss seismic scenarios and how to survive an earthquake.

Instructor: Coyote Short, P.G.

Pre-registration is required by August 9th – call Eliza at 208-571-5720.

October 7th – Rocks that Walk (Weathering and Erosion)

For youth in second grade and up. 10am-12 noon. $10 per child.

Instructor: Eliza Schulz

Pre-registration is required by October 4th  – call Eliza at 208-571-5720.