The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology offers 5 In-Class Experiences; Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils, Meteorites, Land Forms and Lake Idaho, Volcanoes, and Seismology. Our education coordinator will provide an hour long lesson which includes activities and a mineral for each child to take home. We charge $2.00 per child. Interested? Call Eliza at 208-368-9876 or email at education@idahomuseum.org for questions or to schedule an in-class lesson today!

Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils: A total hands-on experience! We bring YOU hand specimens to represent every rock family and a variety of minerals displaying the wide range of mineral structures. We discuss how, where and why they form. We also include a variety of fossils (mostly from Idaho) and we discuss how they form and what they tells us about the history of the earth. For ages 3 and Up.

Meteorites: Our meteorite experience is out of this WORLD! This lesson includes; definition of a meteorite, how do they reach earth, what happens when they do reach earth, what are the different types of meteorites, famous impacts and how they have affected the earth and MORE. Kids will also learn how to tell the difference between meteorites and other rock specimens, touch different meteorites and related specimens and even make their own impact craters. For ages 7 and Up.

Land Forms and Lake Idaho: Students create and destroy to form different land forms and discuss different types of weathering. We will also discuss when Boise was underwater and how our own Treasure Valley has evolved. For ages 3 and Up.

Volcanoes: Hot Topic! We will explore the different types of volcanoes and their features. Students will be able to handle different igneous rock samples and learn how and where they form, what the ingredients tell us, and how these volcanoes tell us about what is below the surface. For ages 3 and Up.

COMING SOON! Seismology: Shake Rattle and Roll! This lesson includes our portable seismometer. We will build the seismometer together, learn what each pieces does, and finally create our own earthquakes. This lesson includes an introduction to the dynamic world of geophysics; including what are waves, how do they travel through the earth, and what exactly is an earthquake. We will also discuss earthquake safety and a brief seismic history of Idaho. For ages 7 and Up.


The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology offers 2 travelling resources; Idaho Rocks and Minerals and Seismology: What’s Shaking? Both may be checked out for one week and comes with an experience guide and teaching materials. Interested? Call Eliza at 208-368-9876 or email at education@idahomuseum.org for more information or to reserve your educational resource today!

Idaho Rocks and Minerals is a box of 25 rock and mineral samples from different locations in Idaho. A reference book is included which describes each specimen, its formation, and how it is a natural resource. This kit also includes 5 mineral identification kits, instructions, and a mineral for each student to take home. The box can be checked out for one week and costs $10.00.

Seismology: Whats’s Shaking? is a portable seismometer kit that can be displayed in the classroom and creating your own earthquakes are encouraged! The kit also includes setup instructions, a laptop, a slinky, seismology lesson, and two activities. The kit can be checked out for one week at a time and costs $10.00.