The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology offers 2 travelling resources; Idaho Rocks and Minerals and Seismology: What’s Shaking? Both may be checked out for one week and comes with an experience guide and teaching materials. Interested? Call Eliza at 208-368-9876 or email at education@idahomuseum.org for more information or to reserve your educational resource today!

Idaho Rocks and Minerals is a box of 25 rock and mineral samples from different locations in Idaho. A reference book is included which describes each specimen, its formation, and how it is a natural resource. This kit also includes 5 mineral identification kits, instructions, and a mineral for each student to take home. The box can be checked out for one week and costs $10.00.

Seismology: Whats’s Shaking? is a portable seismometer kit that can be displayed in the classroom and creating your own earthquakes are encouraged! The kit also includes setup instructions, a laptop, a slinky, seismology lesson, and two activities. The kit can be checked out for one week at a time and costs $10.00.